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On this page you can find information about safeguarding children and child protection.

Everyone working in or for our school service shares an objective to help keep children and young people safe by contributing to:

  • Providing a safe environment for children and young people to learn and develop in our school setting
  • Identifying children and young people who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, and taking appropriate action with the aim of making sure they are kept safe both at home and in our school setting

Cavendish Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the well being of all of its pupils. Each pupil’s welfare is of paramount importance. We recognise that some children may be especially vulnerable to abuse. We recognise that children who are abused or neglected may find it difficult to develop a sense of self worth and to view the world in a positive way. Whilst at school, their behaviour may be challenging. We recognise that some children who have experienced abuse may harm others. We will always take a considered and sensitive approach in order that we can support all of our pupils.

Key School Contacts

If you have any concerns or worries please contact the School Office to arrange a meeting with one of us.

Designated Safeguarding Lead
Jonathan Nixon

Deputy Safeguarding Leads

Steph Whitbread               Christine Burns

Debra Nixon

Noreen Dunn


Bradford Safeguarding Children Board

If you are worried or concerned about anyone under 18, who you think is being abused or neglected, contact the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB). They understand:

  • That you may only be raising a concern
  • That you may be worried how this may impact you
  • That you may be worried how this may impact the child you are worried about

The contact numbers are:

  • During office hours (8.30am-5pm Monday to Thursday, 4.30pm on Friday) call Children’s Social Services Initial Contact Point on 01274 437500
  • At all other times, Social Services Emergency Duty Team on 01274 431010

If you have a reason to believe a child is at IMMEDIATE RISK OF HARM, contact the police on 999.

You can visit Bradford Safeguarding Children Board by clicking the following link

Online Safety

Internet and mobile phones are an important part of everyday life for children an young people. Used correctly they are an exciting source of communication and information. All children at Cavendish receive comprehensive teaching on online safety. We have clear scheme of work regarding online safety linked to our ICT curriculum and work with outside agencies to deliver specific teaching about certain aspects of online safety. For example we work with West Yorkshire Police to deliver Social media training to all pupils in KS2.

At school we also have themed events around online safety for example ‘Safer Internet Day.’

Click here to go to our dedicated Online Safety page.

If you wish to report an online safety concern please use the online safety form located here or speak to a member of the leadership team at school.

Further Information

All staff at Cavendish Primary School have received training on Child Protection and Safeguarding, Prevent and key staff have had thematic training around key areas of child protection. Key school policies related to our Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures can be found here.

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