Cavendish Primary School

KS2 Project-Based Learning

In 2017, children in KS2 began accessing Project-Based learning sessions each week. These sessions last for one and a half days when 20 children from each year group plan, create and evaluate carefully designed projects. These projects focus on a specific area from the wider curriculum. The same project is repeated for 3 weeks until all children have completed the project.

Projects have been planned carefully and designed to cover skills from the National Curriculum but also target skills from the Bradford Pathways document which teach children the essential life skills that we want them to be equipped with by the time they leave Cavendish.

Projects may include; cooking, an understanding of fitness, financial literacy, British Values and work on careers and aspirations. Project–Based learning sessions focus on skills taught rather than a specific outcome. A long term plan detailing each project is attached which demonstrates which project is taught when and if it is linked to the topics in class.



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