Cavendish Primary School

Governor Attendance

On this page you will find governors attendance at the various meetings across the academic year. This data includes governors who has resigned in the past twelve months.

Full Governing Body Meetings

GovernorAttendance 2017/2018
Alix Mann4 out of 5
Barbara Minter5 out of 5
Angela Robinson5 out of 5
Paul Winder4 out of 5
Greg Lucas3 out of 5
Noreen Dunn5 out of 5
Jonathan Nixon5 out of 5
Laura Horsfall4 out of 5
Waheeda Azam1 out of 4
Hannah Ripping 3 out of 4

School Improvement Committee

Alix Man2 out of 3
Laura Horsfall2 out of 3
Noreen Dunn3 out of 3
Jonathan Nixon3 out of 3
Barbara Minter2 out of 3
Greg Lucas0 out of 2

Finance and General Purpose Committee

NameAttendance 2017 / 2018
Angela Robertson3 out of 4
Alix Mann3 out of 4
Paul Winder3 out of 4
Jonathan Nixon4 out of 4
Noreen Dunn3 out of 4

Please click here to view governor attendance for 2016/2017

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