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Early Years and KS1 Provision

Areas of provision are used in Early Years and Key Stage One (KS1) to enhance children’s learning. It provides the children with opportunities to practise and embed skills they have learnt in lessons. Each area of provision has an enhancement that is changed fortnightly. This enhancement links to current learning or previous learning. The children’s time in provision allows them to work independently from adults and showcase what they can do when working alone. A ‘Base Boss’ ensures all children are focused and on task and supports the children where needed.

In Early Years, the majority of the learning in Early Years is done through play and staff complete observations that monitor children’s progress. Alongside a Base Boss, the children have a ‘Playmate’ who observe their play and plays alongside or with the children in the provision. They act as good role models and model how the resources could be used or how the activities are completed. There are three different types of play that the children access in Early Years. These are: child initiated play where children can use resources in their own way to develop creativity and to support emotional development; adult led play where adults show children how to do something e.g. baking or gardening to support language development and enable children to learn new skills; adult initiated play where activities are set up for children to access independently but to develop a certain teaching skill e.g. maths challenge.

When the children reach KS1, they no longer have a playmate. The staff explain the tasks to the children on the first day of new provision and model to the children where necessary. A Base Boss continues to work with the children where needed. Writing is encouraged across all of the areas (when appropriate) and staff expect children to produce a piece of work from the area they have been learning in that is appropriate to their ability. The children also access non-core subjects through the areas of provision. This ensures all programmes of study are covered and allows children to, once again, embed any skills or learning from previous lessons.

By learning through play, separate focused tasks can be completed by the teacher in small groups and allows the teacher to personalise learning, which ensures continued progress for all pupils.

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